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Doctor Agreement (D-LA16)

The purpose of this agreement is to set transparent expectations of the relationship between you (the Candidate) and Medical Recruitment Pty Ltd (the Agency). As members of the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA) we observe a professional code of conduct which is in place to protect your interests.

This agreement does not indicate a contract of employment between Medical Recruitment Pty Ltd and yourself. In any job that you may be placed by the Agency, you will be engaged by our client, as either a self-employed contractor under a company name and/or ABN, or as an employee.

1. Our service to you:

1.1 We will not charge you a fee to represent you. This is a free service to all doctors registering to seek work.

1.2 We will not present your CV, or provide your personal contact details to any client without your consent. We will format your CV to our standard template for all client presentations.

1.3 Medical Recruitment may negotiate an agreed to remuneration on your behalf, in consultation with you.

1.4 We will present you with details of positions/s available with our clients in good faith and trust that you will not approach the client directly regarding this or any other positions for a period of 12 months.

1.5 You will be provided with written confirmation of any placements made prior to commencement.

2. For us to help you:

2.1 Please provide a copy of your current CV, Medical Registration and Professional Indemnity Insurance. You must ensure that your Registration and Indemnity Insurance are up to date at all times.

2.2 We require contact details of two recent professional referees, and your consent to contact them regarding their knowledge of you and your work. Please provide their names, relationship to you, phone number and email address.

2.3 You must provide full disclosure to Medical Recruitment of any past, present or future complaints, criminal charges, civil litigation, or employer disciplinary action relating to your practice as a medical practitioner in Australia or elsewhere.

2.4 Once we present you to a client, you are unable to accept a position (either locum or permanent) directly with that client for a period of 12 months from either the initial presentation or the completion of the last placement. Further, you agree to refrain from referring another candidate to the client during the same period, except through Medical Recruitment. Any acceptance or referral of this kind will result in the charging of fees to the client.

2.5 Should you be requested to return to a client in which you have been placed/introduced by Medical Recruitment, you agree to direct those requests to Medical Recruitment to make arrangements on your behalf for further placements.

2.6 Where a vehicle is provided by the client, you agree to indemnify the client for the cost of any damage to the vehicle, or fines incurred whilst the vehicle is under your control.