Video Room

Welcome to Medical Recruitment Meeting Room!

It is very simple to join our Meeting Room. Simply follow the steps:


  1. We recommend using Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari as a browser for the best experience

  2. CLICK HERE to access our meeting room at the agreed time

  3. Once you enter the room, you will be prompted to share your microphone and camera to allow us to see and hear each other. Please click Allow and we will be live!


From Left to Right on the Icon Bar:

Current Users In Meeting: This allows you to see how many people are connected to the

Start/Stop Private Session: Once everyone has arrived for your meeting, use this button to
“lock the door” and prevent anyone else from accessing your meeting.

Start/Stop camera feed: Turn your camera on and off using this button.

Disconnect: Disconnects you from the Meeting Room.

Start/Stop recording: This will begin to pulse blue once you have pressed it, everything you
say and do from that point onwards is being recorded. To end the recording, simply press
the button again, and the blue pulse will stop.

Chat Window: This allows you to type back and forth with everyone in the meeting

Share screen: When using for the first time, it will ask you to install a quick extension. Press
Yes, and then open the Screen share option again, select what you want to share, and
you’re good to go.


How do I enter a meeting?
• Open your browser (we recommend using Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers).
• Click on your meeting link provided above.
• Press Yes when prompted for access to your Camera and Mic, and you will be live.

How many people can use the meeting link?
• As many as you want. There really is no limit, however you can’t have more than one
meeting at the same time, in the same room. Think of it like a normal meeting room,
but just in the cloud, and a little prettier.

How fast does my Internet need to be?
• You only need a stable 350kbs

Tech recommendations
• ACER 11 CB3-131 Chromebook
• Logitech c920 webcam
• Logitech H340 USB Headset