How partnering with a Recruitment Consultant helps you get better career outcomes

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​​Searching for a job is a dynamic process and it has a significant bearing on your career trajectory. It’s common to feel a lot of tension in the application process, which is justified because you often have limited information.

Working with a Recruitment Consultant can change all of that. They are at the centre of the entire process, forming a bridge between employers and employees, and making sure that both parties get exactly what they are looking for.

As a General Practitioner, partnering with a Recruitment Consultant can help take your career to new heights. Specifically, here are eight things a recruitment agency can do for you.

Access to jobs no one knows about

Recruitment agencies often have knowledge of jobs that aren’t publicly advertised. Some organisations may be looking to fill roles as quickly and quietly as possible, and they reach out to these agencies because they have a list of qualified candidates.

Your Recruitment Consultant can help you interview for the position and get in the door before anyone else even knows that the position was open, to begin with.

Better career placements

The goal of a Recruitment Consultant is not just to help you get hired but to find the best possible position for you. That means they can help you sidestep all the roles you’re overqualified for and those that don’t ignite your passions. You’ll also only be connected with opportunities that match your long term goals and future plans.

Better chances of getting hired

Applying for a job through a Recruitment Consultant makes you stand out because you'll be on a special list of candidates. Employers prefer to hire from this pool because recruiters have a track record of providing qualified candidates with a low turnover.

In this way, you are pre-vetted so employing organisations will automatically give your application preference over others.

A wider range of opportunities

Depending on your experience, you may be qualified for a host of opportunities that, unfortunately, you may not discover until the position has been filled. Being able to discover and apply for these roles as they become available could make all the difference to you.

Recruitment Consultants can also advise you on what are the essentials required for a particular role. For example, the employer may include that they need a specific type of skill or experience on a job advertisement.If you do not currently have this particular skill or experience, you automatically think you are ineligible to apply. A recruitment consultant can advise you whether this requirement is essential, or just preferred and the employer may be happy to look at your application without this.

Competitive insight

When you work with a Recruitment Consultant, you also get unique third-party insight into where you stand compared to the competition. It’s unlikely that you’ll be the only one applying for a role so recruiters know exactly how qualified you are compared to others.

They can give you recommendations on how to improve your position or show you what jobs might be more appropriate for you. This kind of insight is invaluable and very difficult to come by if you’re applying on your own.

Help with documentation

Recruitment Consultants know what’s required of you as a job candidate and can help you prepare all your documentation. They can provide assistance in preparing your CV and Cover letter, and understand what employers are looking for and what will set you apart from other candidates.

If you’re hoping to immigrate and find a job, your recruitment agency can take one look at your papers and tell you what’s missing.

Recruitment Consultants can also refer you to the right resources if you need them.

Improved interview skills

Recruitment Consultants that focus on a specific industry have unique data and knowledge. They can give you details about the types of questions you may be asked in an interview, and help you prepare.

In addition, they can provide specific advice on salary ranges, so if you are asked about your salary expectations, you can be sure you are in line with current market conditions.


Working with a Recruitment Consultant can help you land a new job while working in your current position. This is important because posting your CV on every online job board makes it easier for your current employer to know you’re looking for a new job. If you’re not ready to disclose this information, you could be in for a very difficult conversation with your current employer.

How to get started

Medical Recruitment is the largest specialised general practice recruitment agency in Australia and we are constantly looking for qualified professionals to fill open positions all over the country. Find a job that meets your requirements from our list of open positions to begin your partnership with us.

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