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Pregnant women should get Pfizer mRNA vaccine - RANZCOG and ATAGI

Medical experts from the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG) and the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) recommend that pr...

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Another three Covid-19 cases discovered in Victoria

​Concern rises in Victoria as new Covid-19 cases are discovered. In total there have been nine fresh recorded cases, with three found recently on Tuesday after the government's daily Covid-19 press...

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More Than A Word: Reconciliation Takes Action

​The National Reconciliation Week is dedicated to mending relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and other Australians. It’s set up for Australians to learn about t...

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GPs are key to border reopening

​The recent Federal Budget made it clear that Australian border reopening will be contingent on the success of the vaccine roll-out. However, the government’s position raises more questions than ...

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Victorian Government Considers Telehealth Consultations in Euthanasia

​Victorian lawmakers are reviewing current telehealth restrictions with plans to extend the boundaries to provide assisted dying. Currently, Federal laws prevent GPs from discussing euthanasia w...

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GPs Must Update Registration to Continue Receiving Medicare Benefits

​The Commonwealth Department of Health introduced legislation that changes how GPs access Medicare benefits earlier this year. As a result, GPs previously registered as specialists need to update...

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Australia’s vaccine roll-out is currently behind developing countries like Rwanda and Bangladesh

​GPs all over Australia are distressed by the country’s slow vaccination roll-out. Since the roll-out began, the operation has been slowed by importation restrictions, floods, and poor delivery....

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Australians React to the AstraZeneca Vaccine

​Over the last week, five people have reported allergic reactions to the AstraZeneca Vaccine, and another 14 reacted to the Pfizer vaccine. The reports rose from all most states in Australia, in...

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GPs Receive Quarter of the Requested Dosage as Vaccine Roll-out Ramps Up

As GPs begin to vaccinate patients all over the country, some complaints have arisen of insufficient dose supplies. GPs have been receiving 50 doses per week instead of the requested 200 per day....

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AMA demands new action as two new hotel quarantine cases are discovered

​The Holiday Inn at the Melbourne airport has drawn the attention of the AMA and other health organizations after two new cases were discovered in quarantine — one patient and one quarantine wor...

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