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Mr 2018 Jun26

Home beats hospital for low-risk births

Women giving birth at home or in birth centres are more likely to have a normal vaginal birth, with no difference in adverse infant outcomes compared with hospital births, a meta-analysis shows. ...

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Mr 2018 Jun19

Challenger thrombolytic prevails in battle of the clot-busters

A cheaper thrombolytic appears to double the chances of reperfusion in patients with ischaemic stroke prior to thrombectomy, compared with the standard drug, Australian research shows. The doubl...

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Mr 2018 Jun12

Why people need better protection from dodgy healthcare

OPINION Dr John Dwyer, one of founders of the Friends of Science in Medicine, argues that regulators need to do more. You can read Universal Medicine's response to this article here.    ...

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Mr 2018 Jun05

Health economists methodically dismantle government's Budget rhetoric

The Federal Government’s claims of a record health budget don’t stand up to close scrutiny because funding is actually falling on a per-capita basis, health economists say. In its budget analysi...

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