How To Choose the Best Locum GP Job in Australia

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​Choosing a locum job requires general practitioners to consider many factors.

Sometimes, it is not just about the salary but it can also be about the location and culture where GPs would work.

Yet, when GPs cannot find a suitable job for them, they would feel like it is almost impossible to land the best and perfect job placement.

So, what are the factors to consider when looking for the best locum work, especially for long-term locum general practitioners?

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Locum Job

1. Work-Life Balance

Everyone would like to achieve this state of equilibrium, and for general practitioners who are family-oriented, this is necessary when looking for the best locum position.

Can the company allow you to bring your family with you? Is the schedule and length of placement that tight? Can you go out to celebrate special occasions?

2. Location

One of the advantages of locum jobs is being able to see different regions and cultures in Australia.

And, when choosing a locum position, the location of the hospital or clinic should be considered because this will affect the overall success of the locum placement.

Also, the location will allow the GPs to see if their career will boom in that place and if they can adapt to the lifestyle in that specific location.

3. Clinic History

Another factor to be considered is the history of the clinic or the hospital, and GPs can know the history of a company through the reviews of their colleagues.

Learning some information about the company you wish to work for can give you insight about if you prefer the work environment or if you can learn new procedures or skills.

Generally, assessing the history of the company will make you decide if it is suitable for you. It will allow you to learn if your role matches your skills.

Although first-hand experience sharings is great, getting a lot of resources from a Recruitment Consultant will be of huge help when looking for the best locum position.

A Recruitment Consultant can give you wide choices of reputable clinics and hospitals where you can start your locum career.

4. Salary

When we talk about salary, we do not just simply speak of a high-paying job. It is not simply about how much the hospital or clinic can pay you based on your skills. Instead, we also consider if the salary can sustain the cost of living in the area. 

For example, if your salary is high but the expenses are higher, it is better to go for a decent salary with fewer expenses needed.

According to the Australian Doctor Group, locum GPs may get a rate of up to $4000 a day in ED or above $7000 per week in some cases due to the workforce crisis.

If you cannot decide on your own, a Recruitment Consultant can help you find the best locum job where you can save a lot of money while living the best life you always dream of.

5. Accommodation and Transport

Some hospitals give free accommodation and transport for locum GPs. These benefits are included in the hire package.

If the locum position is quite far from your place of residence, having this accommodation and transport package is an incentive, and a Recruitment Consultant can help you find the locum job that can give you this benefit.

6. Length of Employment

There are short-term and long-term locum placements, and deciding which of these two is crucial because all of the other factors listed above will be affected.

To help you in this decision-making process, reaching out to a Recruitment Consultant is highly recommended.

It may look impossible to take into account all of these factors, but did you know that through the help of a Recruitment Consultant, all of these are achievable?

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