Australia: The Best Place to Practice Emergency Medicine

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Based on the 2016 data provided by the Australian Government Department of Health, there were around 1,761 emergency medicine physicians employed in the country. 9.5% of these doctors worked in the private sector and 92.4% of these were clinicians. Others are administrators, educators, and researchers.

According to those who completed this 2016 National Health Workforce Survey, the emergency career in Australia is rewarding, and in this blog, we will take a look at why these respected emergency medicine practitioners love to exercise their profession in the country.

Different Career Opportunities

  • The workforce shortage is common in Australia, especially in the rural areas of the country. However, emergency medicine practitioners take this as an opportunity to work while traveling outside of all major metropolitan centres.

  • Accreditation pathways with Paediatrics and Intensive Care Medicine are available.

  • Aside from focusing on emergency centres, these practitioners can also engage in academic research.

  • The Australian College of Emergency Medicine (ACEM) helps continuously bring new skills and treatments to patients.

Medical Practice Benefits

  • Emergency medicine in the country is well-funded. In 2022, the Australian Government has planned to invest about $24 million to improve the acute care systems and reduce waiting times in hospital emergency departments.

  • Emergency medicine physicians can practise the core skills of patient assessment, initiation of care, and resuscitation due to the dynamic environment.

  • Many opportunities to practise in Indigenous areas due to the diverse patient population in the department.

Balanced Lifestyle

  • According to the participants of the survey, Australia provides a coastal lifestyle.

  • The Emergency Department is usually the largest area in a hospital. This means that it is active both clinically and socially.

  • Living in the city allows emergency medicine practitioners to enjoy outdoor activities like rock climbing and surfing.

Convenient Work Conditions

  • Australian Medicare provides universal access.

  • Good working schedules and conditions. Usually, the work schedule is 4 shifts a week. This allows emergency medicine physicians to have more time to enjoy their social life.

  • Both locums and full-time job schedules are also convenient.

Decent Salary

  • The salaries are comparable with other non-procedural specialties in the country.

  • Physicians can choose from private jobs, locum, or full-time positions with an acceptable compensation.

  • Physicians can take more than one locum job that is available at a good rate.

Training Programs, College, and Recognition

  • There are training programs for junior doctors and registrars. For interested applicants, you can read more by clicking this link.

  • Generally, Australia offers world-leading education and training opportunities.

  • The Australian College of Emergency Medicine provides collaborative collegial relationships.

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