Locum Opportunities in Tasmania

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​Locum jobs enable junior doctors to travel and discover new places while practising their profession. The flexibility of work schedules allows them to attend to both their personal and professional needs.

Additionally, with decent and generous hourly rates, these doctors get to save money to pay for their needs and necessities, such as multiple courses for the progression of their profession. 

One of the best places to practise the locum GP profession includes Tasmania. Aside from allowing doctors to explore diverse areas of medicine, this island state of Australia offers a relaxing and calming nature view and laid back community. One of the benefits of choosing this state is the affordable housing feature. Other perks include the following:

  • Assisted study and postgraduate loan scheme

  • Comprehensive leave package and family initiatives such as 12 weeks of paid maternity leave and State Service Accumulated Scheme leaves

  • Training and development

  • Conjoint appointments and links with the University of Tasmania

The Tasmanian Government offers competitive salary packages for those who are working in ambulatory services, palliative care services, and public hospitals. Aside from this, choosing to practise the GP profession in Tasmania gives the doctors the opportunity to move permanently to the state.

Tasmanian Doctors Shortage: What is the Possible Cause?

Based on ABC News, Tasmanians had to wait for weeks to see doctors due to shortage and the Australian Medical Association says that this shortage gives so much pressure on these medical practitioners.

One of these Tasmanians is Denis Webber and according to him, booking an appointment with a GP is not always simple. He also stated that it is impossible to see one when patients need them.

Another patient, Christine Halidone states that when she runs out of medication, she cannot do anything but wait. She finally was able to book her GP appointment after waiting for more than three and a half weeks.

One of the reasons why this shortage occurs is because of the Covid-19 pandemic. This made the shortage worse by 10-20% even though there are around 60 vacant positions across the state. Many doctors fear that this situation could worsen in the coming winter and flu season.

Those who are most at risk of this flu are those communities with low immunity, and according to AMA spokesperson John Saul, getting vaccinated will certainly help.

Ready to Work as a Locum GP in Tasmania?

The work-life environment in Tasmania is very serene and General Registration GPs are reported to be earning more in this state. However, not all can get the benefits this state is offering. Fortunately, reaching out to Medical Recruitment could be of great help! Here, we can help you find the most competitive short-term and locum job opportunities in this state while considering your lifestyle choices.

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