General Practice Crisis Summit: Is the Practice Unsustainable?

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​An emergency meeting will be held on October 5, 2022, by some Australian general practice leaders. This meeting was organised by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and it is about the practice being on the point.

Aside from the leaders, this General Practice Crisis Summit was called for the customer groups, local health and workforce agencies, government, nurse groups, and academia to formulate some solutions to increase patient health outcomes and safeguard Australia's general practice system for the future.

Based on the RACGP’s General Practice: Health of the Nation 2022, it was reported that almost all general practitioners believe that the practice is becoming unsustainable. Additionally, because of insufficient Medicare rebates, GPs also say that there is not enough revenue to provide quality healthcare. Eventually, this only causes these doctors to burn out.

According to RACGP President Adj. Professor Karen Price, the report speaks a lot about the future of the general practice and the health of the community. The main cause of this crisis is because of a lack of healthcare funds. If there is no support or action from the government, this can result in general practice collapse.

This emergency summit aims to ensure that the Australian community can access a medical doctor, especially in emergency cases. Some of the discussions will tackle the following questions:

  • What kind of finance structure is necessary to ensure that all people have access to general practice's leading position in patient-centred, ongoing, and coordinated care?

  • How can the decline in the general practice workforce be addressed and stopped, making general practice an alluring career path with long-term career sustainability?

  • How can we enhance the collection, tagging, and meaningful use of data (including patient experience, clinician experience, and quality patient outcomes) to enable equitable general practice-based care?

The RACGP will publish the Summit's recommendations in a White Paper in the upcoming weeks and will watch for a candid conversation with the Government about how to move forward with improving patient outcomes and securing the future of the general practice.

Because Australia's healthcare system is renowned for being of the highest calibre worldwide, it must be safeguarded so that everyone, regardless of location or wealth, may get high-quality care when they need it.

ACRRM and GPTT Collaboration: A Road to High-Quality Healthcare

Recently, the General Practice Training Tasmania (GPTT) in Tasmania formally transitioned its AGPT registrars, supervisors, and training positions to College-led Training with the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM).

According to ACRRM CEO Marita Cowie, this transition was a smooth process and the ACRRM is pleased to welcome Tasmanian AGPT registrars, supervisors, and training posts to its Fellowship Program.

ACRRM officials look forward to providing them with the tools and assistance they require to carry out their vital work of delivering high-quality healthcare to communities outside of urban areas.

Additionally, according to GPTT CEO Judy Dew, the transition has been a great experience. Together, Ms. Dew says that the organisation guarantees registrars enjoy a seamless training experience.

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