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Locum Opportunities in Tasmania

​Locum jobs enable junior doctors to travel and discover new places while practising their profession. The flexibility of work schedules allows them to attend to both their personal and professio...

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GPs in rural communities need fewer barriers - AMA

​The AMA Council of Rural Doctors reports that an investigation uncovered scenarios where rural GPs are denied access to work opportunities with local hospitals, while locums are hired. Worse sti...

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GPs Must Update Registration to Continue Receiving Medicare Benefits

​The Commonwealth Department of Health introduced legislation that changes how GPs access Medicare benefits earlier this year. As a result, GPs previously registered as specialists need to update...

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Australia’s vaccine roll-out is currently behind developing countries like Rwanda and Bangladesh

​GPs all over Australia are distressed by the country’s slow vaccination roll-out. Since the roll-out began, the operation has been slowed by importation restrictions, floods, and poor delivery....

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AMA demands new action as two new hotel quarantine cases are discovered

​The Holiday Inn at the Melbourne airport has drawn the attention of the AMA and other health organizations after two new cases were discovered in quarantine — one patient and one quarantine wor...

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AMA welcomes appointment of Professor Paul Kelly as new Chief Medical Officer

​AMA President, Dr Omar Khorshid, today welcomed the appointment of Professor Paul Kelly as the new Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for the Australian Government.“The role of CMO is critical, particula...

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