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VMO (Visiting Medical Officer)

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General Practitioner VMO Positions: A Lucrative Path for FRACGP and FACRRM Holders

​General Practitioners (GPs) are essential healthcare professionals who play a vital role in providing comprehensive primary care to patients. While many GPs work in private practices or clinics, t...

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Hiv Blog

Increase in HIV diagnoses among heterosexuals

Australian HIV specialists say that although HIV diagnoses have dropped among gay and bisexual men, new data signals a worrying increase among heterosexual people. There were just 963 new HIV di...

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Racgp Back Pay Blog

RACGP council owed thousands in back pay after constitutional check-up

RACGP councillors are potentially owed back pay of more than half a million dollars between them and are relying on members to approve it at next month’s annual general meeting.The college’s financ...

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Early Cpap Blog

Early CPAP helps stroke recovery

Stroke patients recover better if they are treated for sleep apnoea as soon as possible after the cerebrovascular event, a study suggests. Speech, neurological functioning, walking and other phy...

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Bollocksology Blog

10 things I hate/love about you (general practice)

GPs final column discusses 'bollocksology' and cherishing thank-you cards.   A BMJ columnist has wrapped up her final column for the journal with musings on life as a GP, including advice t...

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Next Acrrm President Blog

Rural generalist campaigner elected next president of ACRRM

Dr Ewen McPhee. Photo: RDAADr Ewen McPhee says the college is entering a new chapter and hopes it will bring health equity across Australia!ACRRM’s new President, a rural generalist campaigner from...

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Depression To Arthritis Blog

Check your patients with depression for signs of arthritis

The more depressed the patient, the more likely they are to have the rheumatoid condition.   Older patients with depressive symptoms should be screened for arthritis, according to US resear...

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Commum Gp Visits Blog

The top 10 most common GP visits

Seeing patients with psychological issues, including depression, mood disorders and anxiety, are the most common ailments GPs deal with day to day, according to an RACGP survey.  When asked, 'Wh...

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Mr 2018 Jun26

Home beats hospital for low-risk births

Women giving birth at home or in birth centres are more likely to have a normal vaginal birth, with no difference in adverse infant outcomes compared with hospital births, a meta-analysis shows. ...

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Mr 2018 Jun19

Challenger thrombolytic prevails in battle of the clot-busters

A cheaper thrombolytic appears to double the chances of reperfusion in patients with ischaemic stroke prior to thrombectomy, compared with the standard drug, Australian research shows. The doubl...

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